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Declog develops Body's Bypass Channels Naturally No Cut, No Pain, No Scars, No Hospitalization, Complete Outpatient Treatment, Economical & Safe
About Dr Rajendra Kumar

Dr. Rajendra Kumar has been practicing for 16 years, after graduating from Nehru Homeopathic Medical College.

Dr. Kumar has been an early advocate of holistic healing, encouraging patients to adopt healthy life habits to prevent disease; avoid over-medication and needless surgery. This can be achieved with accurate diagnosis and timely treatment.

His passion and specialization is cardio vascular disorders, which led him to look for treatments that are effective without surgery.

Dr. Kumar has been actively studying Chelation Therapy since 1999 – an EDTA based line of treatment that is proven, effective and does not require surgery.

After a decade of researching this therapy, extensive meetings with doctors already using EDTA and observing patients who had undergone chelation therapy, Dr. Kumar started his chelation therapy centre called Declog.

Declog offers comprehensive treatment that combines Chelation Therapy, with medical Ozone Therapy and lifestyle management to provide the maximum benefit to patient without any surgical or invasive procedures.

A great saying from Master Kent- the world today accepts things perfectly incongruous and calls them science. Modern science accepts nothing which cannot be heard, felt, or seen.