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Declog develops Body's Bypass Channels Naturally No Cut, No Pain, No Scars, No Hospitalization, Complete Outpatient Treatment, Economical & Safe
"Because Heart Attack is like an earthquake. It can be years in the making and hit without warning. Yet unlike an earthquake a heart attack can be prevented and if it is attacked already it can be restricted from further attacks"

What is Declog Therapy ?

Declog Therapy is a non invasive, non surgical, 100% safe therapy that can prevent heart conditions; and reverse hardening and clogging of arteries and veins.

This therapy is especially effective for treating coronary artery disease which leads to heart attacks.

Add : C-14, Nizamuddin(West),
City : New delhi-110013.
Ph : 011-41827309, 09810070932,

Add : 715-A,Mahaveer Nagar
Gopal pura bypass
Opp. Aayapa Swamy Temple
City : Jaipur.
Ph : 0141-2211784, 09314664605
Franchise Address
Add :101, krishnacourt, 40
Nutan Bharat Society,
City : Baroda, Gujrat.
Ph : MAYA BHATT-+919825416054
Dr. Pranav Trivedi (MBBS)

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