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Scientifically Proven Method [What is the science behind chelation therapy]

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Linus Pauling Endorsed EDTA Chelation Therapy

This is a Foreword to “A Textbook on EDTA Chelation Therapy” edited by Elmer M. Cranton, MD.

Linus Pauling, PhD is the only person ever to have received two full, unshared Nobel Prizes. He was one of the world's greatest biochemists and scientists. Before his death he wrote and researched extensively in the field of alternative and nutritional medicine.

by Linus Pauling, PhD

For more than twenty years I have devoted most of my time to research and education in the fields of nutrition and preventive medicine. I have written and lectured extensively about simple, safe and inexpensive measures to improve the length and quality of life. In my recent book, “How to Live Longer and Feel Better”, I covered that subject at length. EDTA chelation therapy fits in well with my views on health care.

EDTA is not normally present in the human body and is therefore, by definition, not an orthomolecular substance. Chelation, however, is far safer and much less expensive than surgical treatments for atherosclerosis. Physicians who adhere to the protocol for safe and effective administration of EDTA, as approved and promulgated by the American College of Advancement in Medicine, integrate the results of my own research into their chelation program. That protocol is published in its entirety in this book. Improved nutrition and supplementation with vitamins and trace elements is an important part of the overall chelation program.

EDTA chelation therapy makes good sense to me as a chemist and medical researcher. It has a rational scientific basis, and the evidence for clinical benefit seems to be quite strong. Metallic ions play an important role in the formation of atherosclerotic plaque. EDTA removes those ions with relative safety and without surgery. Published research and extensive clinical experience show that EDTA helps to reduce and prevent atherosclerotic plaques, thus improving blood flow to the heart and other organs. The scientific evidence indicates that a course of EDTA chelation therapy might eliminate the need for bypass surgery. Chelation has an equally valid rationale for use as a preventive treatment.

Past harassment of chelating physicians by government agencies and conservative medical societies seems to stem largely from ignorance of the scientific literature and from professional bias.

A reference book such as this, which assembles a large body of scientific knowledge about EDTA chelation therapy into one volume, will be of great advantage to physicians who desire to learn more about this emerging nonsurgical treatment for atherosclerosis and related age-associated diseases.

Palo Alto, California July, 1988

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