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Declog develops Body's Bypass Channels Naturally No Cut, No Pain, No Scars, No Hospitalization, Complete Outpatient Treatment, Economical & Safe
A] Pre-Therapy Tests

Before starting the Declog Therapy, patient usually refer for certain specific test which are necessary to assess the condition of the patient they include

  • RGCI-a non-invasive coronary cartography imaging technique to identity not only the blockages but also the quantity of blood flow to myocardium and relative oxygen demand, supply and reserve which is offered by none other than cartography.
  • Blood testing like lipid profile, kidney function test, liver function test, CRP, Homocysteine levels, blood glucose levels.
B] Therapy Customized to Each Individual Patient

The results of the above tests and individual’s body composition are taken into account to precisely calculate the dosage of the medicine, duration of dose and number of sittings.

Please note: the treatment of one person, with similar condition is not the same as the treatment required for another patient, as the therapy must be customized for the patient.

The medicine is infused through an intravenous solution. Each sitting requires 3-4 hours. An average of two/ three infusions per week, are required, depending on the severity of the patients’ condition.

C] Close Supervision and Monitoring

The therapy is administered under active monitoring of trained professionals.

After 5-6 doses of EDTA chelation therapy, a test to measure serum Creatinine level is done to check kidney function. After 12-15 doses, RGCI is repeated to assess the condition of the heart and to evaluate further course of treatment.